Adult Intensive Care


Adult Intensive Care:

Hospitalist Intensive Care Units: Surgical intensive care, Internal intensive care, Coronary intensive care and General intensive care. We work hard to provide healthcare services to our intensive care patients by using the latest technology with our expert physician staff, experienced medical officer and nurses.

Our computer-assisted intensive care unit is regularly monitored by our specialist doctors and health workers for 24 hours.

Our unit is designed for intensive care in order to prevent the movement limitation of our patients and prevent the development of pressure sores; orthopedic mattresses are used which can be given position, which completely fits to the contours of the patient body and minimizes possible pressure sores.

Each of the special intensive care beds in our unit has separate monitors, central oxygen, aspiration vel ventilator and defibrillator if needed.

Health is the most valuable treasure.


Uzm.Dr. Sevil BAYLAN

Adult Intensive Care


    Uzm.Dr. Volkan KARATAŞ

    Adult Intensive Care


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