Hospitalist Kurumsal


Our hospital, which started out in 1992 in Bağcılar Square under the name of Bağcılar Hospital, has continued to serve as Private Hospitalist Hospital in the same building since 2007. Private Hospitalist Hospital, which sets out with the principle of saat First Human 24 without discriminating between patients, aims to provide health care with its expert staff and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our hospital has an ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate and is regularly audited every year within the framework of the Health Service Quality Standards System implemented by the Ministry of Health.

To be a, model and brand lı in the field of health services in our country, which has permanent sustainable growth potential which creates permanent advantages that create differences with planned programmatic work in line with rational, ethical, innovative, high quality and competitive understanding.


Using modern knowledge and technology, adopting international ethic rules, aware of rights and social responsibility, teamwork has adopted the team;

To be a ve Reference Hospital önems that provides healthcare services with an individual-centered approach that respects patient rights and cares about patient and family satisfaction.


Our primary goal in the health sector is to be a trusted brand and an exemplary organization that has reached international quality standards.

It provides a higher quality service with our specialist physicians and staff.

Not satisfied with our current situation; In every field, it is our basic philosophy to constantly improve.

There is healthy service in terms of patient rights and safety.

Technological changes are followed by combining with quality and presented to the society at the most appropriate cost.

To implement the quality management system and to carry out studies for continuous renewal.

Supporting continuous education and creating educational policies.

Our social security institutions to reach a broader service to our understanding of quality service with our agreements.

It is to be a ”Reference Hospital Mükemmel providing excellent health services.

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